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Stamps HTML Template Engine

Stamps provdes a lightweight mechanism for JSP and Servlet developers to completely separate HTML formatting from the page generation code. It differs from other template solutions (FreeMarker, TRix, Joist, etc.) in that it requires absolutely no custom markup in the template HTML, allowing the use of all visual HTML editors. It also does not require construction of a 'data object' and so can be used in conjuction with other tag libraries. This is accomplished via a rules engine that understands commonly used HTML layout idioms to just "do the right thing." Extremely complex page layouts including region expansion, iteration, and removal are easily created and maintained. There are plans for a JSP tag library and integration with the Struts framework.

Stamps is based on our earlier work called HTT. The HTT package in both CVS and the file release area is primarily for Oracle PL/SQL developers. It requires an Oracle database with the embedded Java VM enabled. It is placed here primarily for existing users of HTT.

Stamps is a rewrite that will focus on both Java and PL/SQL developers.


Source Check In (20-Dec-2002)

We have started checking in source for the new stamps package.


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